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Gyros, Grills and Appetizer Combo Plate - Las Vegas

Appetizer Combo Plate

Offering a fusion of Greek and a middle eastern cuisines Ron's grilled barbeque and kabobs offers a healthy, fresh alternative for your lunch or dinner. If you're looking for delicious homemade food rich with spices, deliciously seasoned fresh meats and vegetables then look no more.


Gyros, Grills and Lebni Appetizer - Las Vegas


Greek strained yogurt.


Gyros, Grills and Hummus Appetizer - Las Vegas


Crushed garbanzo beans with garlic, olive oil lemon juice.


Gyros, Grills and Babaganoush Moutabel Appetizer - Las Vegas


Roasted eggplants whipped with garlic, tahini, lemon juice.


Gyros, Grills and Tzaziki Appetizer - Las Vegas


A Greek strained yogurt mixed with minced garlic, dill, grated cucumbers and spices. An ever-present ingredient in traditional Greek cuisine, great dip or an addition to a meat platter.


Gyros, Grills and Sarma Dolma Appetizer - Las Vegas, Grills and Caviar Appetizer - Las Vegas

Eggplant Caviar

Homemade roasted eggplant and bell pepper puree.


Gyros, Grills and Gyro Salad - Las Vegas

Sarma Dolma

Stuffed Mediterranean grape leaves with rice and fresh herbs.