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Ron's Grills Gyros and Kabobs Restaurant – About us

Thank you for your interest in Ron’s Grills Gyros and Kabobs Las Vegas premier Greek and Mediterranean restaurant. Located inside our grocery store, opening a restaurant that would serve the freshest meat was the next logical step. We have put a twist on the traditional Greek Gyro. The Traditional Greek Gyro is usually made with lamb, and it’s all good and peachy but wait till you try the variety of meats we put in our wraps. Next time you’re here try the Grilled Chicken or Beef Grilled Gyro with tomatoes and tzatziki, voted our best wraps.

Grilled Meat is what we do best. Let us serve you with a plate of Grilled Pork Chops Mediterranean style! So you’re into Burgers? How about we make you a Burger with our Kabob Meat, a bit unorthodox granted. It will make you an addict! What Greek, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Cuisines have in common is the variety of spices they use and as a result, the richness of flavor they achieve. What could be healthier and tastier than a Grilled Lamb Chop served with some brown rice and hummus?

So come on Las Vegas resident, stop by our store and let us serve you with best food that part of the world has to offer.

Gyros, Grills and Kabobs -Ron's Market - Las Vegas